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  Customs Clearance from Continental Cargo Movers

           In a step forward to transform Continental into an integrated logistics service provider, we extend Customs Clearance services to our clients. Considering the nature of this activity in India, this facility will provide immense value to our clients. Let me explain how:

   Government regulations make Customs Clearance in India quite a complicated and tedious process - which in turn, is responsible for the peculiar nature associated with the activity in India. A License is required from Customs permitting the Licensee to act as Customs House Agent (CHA). Traditionally, Custom Clearance has been the domain of family owned groups. There are very few professional organizations involved in the business of CHA and this has resulted in variations in the level of services offered and the practices followed across the industry.

   Consequent to the liberalization of India in the last few years and the dawn of WTO governed trade practices, there has been felt a growing need for a professional logistics group that will offer CHA services as a part of their comprehensive logistics services.

    After careful market analysis and detailed planning, we at Continental have decided to offer Customs Clearance. This new service will have the following direct advantages to our clients:
  • One point contact
  • Faster processing
  • Smooth information flow
  • Increased control leading to better monitoring of activities.
  • Combined logistics service packages at competitive rates
  • Standardized procedures
  • Lower paper work
  • Assurance of Continental

    The above benefits will definitely improve the bottom-line of our clients, as there will be reduction in cost as well as turnaround time. We are conscious that we must always deliver certainty.  we will endeavour to provide the best service and we are sure you will begin making the best use of this value added service.



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